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It all started in January


In January 2018, my spine fractured. It hurt, as you can imagine. The discovery of osteoporosis was scary, I felt too young, although post menopausal, to have this 'thing'. I also thought that because I ate healthily and walked miles every day with my three dogs, had weight trained and done yoga and Pilates for years that I was immune.

I was wrong. I know that now. 

When I started my research I wasn't starting from a place of not knowing anything, because my mum has severe osteoporosis and I have studied naturopathic nutrition (for myself) since 2013. However, this research went deeper than anything I have ever done. Not only that I connected to a deeper part of me and found stories and answers that helped me to get the bones of me.

Today I see osteoporosis is a whole new light. Osteoporosis is the net result of life's experiences - all experiences. This includes your birth, relationships, ability to love yourself, what you eat, movement, elimination, hydration, inflammation, other illnesses, gut heath, thoughts and many more things.

In fact, osteoporosis to me is about balance.

I decided that drugs were not the answer, I wanted answers to my life and I needed to know how to bring the balance back to all parts of my life - for me - for others and for the world.

When my perspective changed from fear to love and I saw that this was a gift (yes that's right) I knew that I could heal my life. I also knew that it might not be easy, but hey, what's the point of a challenge if it's too easy?

Please come and join me as together we get to the bones of who we are and heal ourselves naturally.

Faith, fun and love are my words this year. 

Are you healing or have you healed osteoporosis naturally? We want your stories to inspire other men and women that they can do it too.

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