How Does A Timeline Help Me To Find Themes For Healing Osteoporosis

How does a timeline help me to find themes for healing osteoporosis?

Timelines are a brilliant way of uncovering life and health stories. Then being able to see them from a new perspective. Creating a timeline helps you find themes for healing, change, and transformation.

Stuffed away in the time capsule of your mind are millions of memories.  They are locked away in folders with little tags on that say been there done that, no longer interesting.  It is only when you pull out the folders and scatter the papers on the floor can you see connections.  Scribbled on the sepia tinted parchments of time are your stories. As you put these into categories and re-file them away in different order, a new map of your life and clues for your healing will emerge.

Timelines provide a visual roadmap, which gives you the big picture in the form of a map.  Clarity will come because the human mind sees things in patterns.  When you see patterns, you make connections.  When you connect the map of your life to what is going on now a new pathway will emerge.

No matter where you are, discovery through timelines is a vital part of discovering connections and patterns about your life and enabling you to see where the stories are and how they connect. Discovery is about going deeper and resurfacing more about your life.  Regardless of what you have thought or are currently thinking, you will see things that didn’t previously occur to you.

If you want to get to your root cause, you must start by looking backwards and then joining the dots.

Timelines Help You To See Things In A New Perspective And Give You Clues To Healing Your Osteoporosis

 Start brainstorming

  • Get a large sheet of paper ( a roll of packing paper is perfect), and a set of coloured pens/pencils and put your date of birth at one end and today’s date at another.
  • Next, divide the paper up into decades (across the top – horizontally).
  • Along the side you can put in themes if you want to – this will naturally depend on you – e.g. relationships,  health, spirituality, mental health.
  • Start brainstorming, just do it randomly as a thought comes to mind put it down.
  • When you have brainstormed, reflect and start connecting things.
  • Look for connections, themes and AHA moments.

Once you can see the connections, you will be able to see where your healing themes are. For example, things that happened in childhood may have created a lack of self-worth as an adult, which is turn has meant that you have always chosen partners who are abusive, which has resulted in a lot of stress (not good for the bones). Health issues could be as a direct result of emotional pain from actions or inactions.

Whatever you uncover, please record it in your journal and consider how you can use this to knowledge and understanding to bring about change and to have as a starting point for pinpointing your root cause.

Even put down the colour of your hair and if you go in the sun. I used to have red hair and a big sun aversion. Vitamin D3 (vital for bones) is made through exposure to the sun.

This exercise has been extracted from Writing to Heal, which is available on Amazon.


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