Healing Osteoporosis Naturally

A guide for the newly diagnosed. A story, resources & practical advice.

This book will guide you through finding your root cause and designing your unique healing plan.

Have you just been diagnosed with osteoporosis? Are you overwhelmed, confused and scared?

So was I. 

One moment I was happy and laughing and the next experiencing searing pain. Two weeks later I discovered that I had compression fractures and osteoporosis in my thoracic spine.

Spending 16 days in bed without my 3 dogs sent my mind in all kinds of unhelpful directions, until I leaned into my journal and started to research this dis-ease.

I did not want drugs, I wanted improve my status by designing a healing plan and following a natural approach.

Setting out to find out the root cause and to turn this dis-ease around became my primary focus.

Follow my journey from discovery to living my life with this condition and turning it around. Find out for yourself  how you can discover your root cause, re-balance your body and get back your zest for life.

Full of practical advise, wisdom and resources. Packed with all of the stuff I wish I'd had at my finger tips when I was diagnosed.

Read my story of getting to the bones of who I am and what I learned about myself and osteoporosis.

Healing Osteoporosis Naturally

Available on 7th Oct to pre-order


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This book has been written for the newly diagnosed who do not know where to turn. It offers a story, practical advice, a way to find your root cause, a healing plan and useful resources.

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