Coaching and life strategies

You are no longer alone, together we can move you through the maze of options, ensuring you discover your root cause, and create the right healing plan for your osteoporosis

Losing bone density, the consequences and impact of that are life changing. I know, when my spine fractured, my life changed. But I knew I could sort it out. I needed to employ my strategic brain, creativity, determination, courage, knowledge, and so many more tools and skills that I used in other areas of my life.

Creating change can be tough, knowing where to go to get the right treatments even harder and being heard and seen as a human and not a number is almost impossible. 

Know this, you can do it. You can put together your healing plan and you can change how this dis-ease affects you and your family.

I believe we have a right to be heard and to choose our destinies and that is what I am going to support you to do.

The process

  • Your story 
  • Looking for clues
  • How did you get here (history - mind, body and soul)?
  • Where are you now?
  • What outcome do you desire?
  • Strategies - the how?
The body knows how to heal - say yes to natural treatment first
Osteoporosis causes

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