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5 reasons to start a journal when osteoporosis comes calling

One of the first things I did when I heard I had osteoporosis and two fractures was to get myself a brand new journal (which luckily I had as a gift) and dedicate it to my journey. I had a sense that I would need to remember everything so that when I started writing my book, I could reflect back honestly. Plus I know from many years of journaling that writing is healing and I needed to make sense of my life.

Do you journal? Have you tried to get into the habit of putting your pen on an open page and just writing? What if you’ve tried and it just won’t come? Do you give up? Please don’t. Find your way of journaling, it may be morning or night; it could be inspired by an Oracle card, it may be a mind map or a beautiful unconscious download.

I write every day, but there are times when I look at my many journals and think – get lost. The truth is that when I pick up my journal and just start, I am always amazed by what comes out.

The last few months have been hard for me. When you look at x-rays, and you are asked do you want the bad news or the bad news, you wonder how bad the bad news is…

I have journaled for what feels like forever.

I write, walk and reflect daily, I have spent many hours pouring my heart out in my journal, learning about who I am and finding clarity for all kinds of things.

When osteoporosis came calling I looked deeply into my soul’s story for answers.

What I knew was that I would be writing and writing and writing stuff. Some of it would make sense, some of it would be notes to follow up later, and some would be me venting about how unfair life is. However, I knew I would get answers, I’d see ‘stuff’ that I needed to know about. Staring out would be aha’s and my divine inner wisdom which would guide me home.

When the bad news was delivered, I cried. When the first doctor I dealt with offered me drugs and didn’t listen to me, I cried. Beneath the tears was a sea of calm that I needed to reach because I knew I could and would find a way to learn, reframe and discover my way forward.

This is what journaling gives me and how it has supported me in this osteoporosis journey.

When you think about it, your bones are the foundation of your, they are your support system and now more then ever you need to feel supported – that’s what writing gives you.

One – Clarity about life

When you write in a journal you become more aware of what is going on around you and in you.  When you reflect on your writing become a witness, and you see things more clearly.  I find that when I am confused, overwhelmed and fearful about something, it’s best to write down what I am thinking, ask some questions and leave it for a day.  I usually find the answers come to me the following day or while I am walking the dogs.

Two – Journaling reduces stress

Once you have journaled and the words are on the paper, they are no longer tumbling in your mind and subsequently, you no longer worry (or worry less) about them.  Writing is cathartic and getting it all out that helps to let things go.

Three – There is no expression like self-expression

When you are having difficult times with life and others, it can be helpful to write down what the issues are.  For example when you want to discuss your osteoporosis with the doctor or family. Hold the conversation, looking at all perspectives, firstly on paper.  Then write what you would like in an assertive and affirmative way.  Two things happen.  One you have already had the conversation so it’s easier the 2nd time around and two because you have had time to reflect you can consider your language and think about what you want from the conversation. Next practice in the mirror – pulling faces helps. This works both in conversations with yourself and others. Finally, visualise the conversation going your way.

This is interesting, I did all of this with my first doctor, and she still gave me drugs, and I wondered how my pre-work could have gone so wrong. But in fact, I’d rehearsed what I wanted, and that’s what I went after – so it worked after all. I got my supportive doctor elsewhere.

Four – Get to know yourself better

When you write in a journal you will begin to see repeated patterns of behaviour or conversations that appear to be on an endless loop and are never resolved.  As you read and reflect these become more obvious and allow you to make more conscious choices. You’ll undoubtedly start to see if you are on the right healing path.

Osteoporosis is for me an imbalance in my body and my life and it is a call to finally heal all of me. I call this rebirth getting to the bones of who I am.

Five – Expressing yourself in a journal increases creativity

When you write you will start to notice that your awareness increases – the same as when you read. The way in which you write and think develops before you know it, your inner voice awakens as does your heart and soul connection.  As you journal solutions form. Life, problems, answers of all kinds become more apparent. Not only that the way in which you solve problems evolves.

Writing will help you to find a way from your mind to your heart. Allow that path to unfold.

What about these?

Writing in a journal is the starting point for your memoirs or personal story

As I said I have a journal for my osteoporosis story to record what I do and how I am feeling. We all need inspiration for our personal stories and a reference point for when we come to write the book about our healing journey.

A journal is the best ‘low cost’ self-help tool available

For the investment of a journal and a pen, you have a trusted confidante who will not criticise you, tell you what to do, call you names, think that your ideas are crazy or any number of things.  Your journal is a reliable friend for you to share your innermost thoughts, ideas and emotions.

PS. If you don’t already own a journal, go and buy several. Start writing today. You never know where this writing adventure may take you. I hope it will take you into the realms of writing a book or a blog to share your experiences so that you can inspire others to know that there is a way through this thing called life.

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